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food list

food I have
3 bananas
1 small potato
orange juice
2 grapefruits
5 beets w/ greens
collard greens
1.5 small zucchinis of imminent doom
5 leeks
buncha scallions
2 red bell peppers
1 orange bell pepper
inner half of a bunch of lettuce
leftovers from a portabella fajita
almost 1pt of leftover baighan bartha (eggplant curry)

*no carrots, buy more *done*
*no hot peppers, buy more

1/2 a container of stock
5ish 2ish ounces of pork slow-cooked with taco seasoning, orange juice, and stock (Mmmm!)

Meals planning

Thursday, June 26
going out for dinner

Friday, June 27
roast bell peppers (and zucchini?)
breakfast: Kenyan collard greens (buy a tomato) over a bagel with cream cheese
lunch: anyone want to meet for lunch?
dinner: spicy tofu with beet greens

Saturday, June 28
breakfast: grapefruit – stop by produce truck and look for other sexy fruit
Start soup – clean leeks, cook them down with oil (set some aside with a lot of salt for snack food), add carrots. And then figure out what kind of soup you are going to make from that. (ETA: Apparently, this soup should also include beets)
dinner: salad. So I have this intricate salad planned, but it’s missing an ingredient or two. Here’s what I’m thinking – lettuce (natch), carrots, raw zucchini, taco pork, banana, scallions, and then I’ve made a salad dressing with balsamic, tamarind juice, honey, mustard. My mother thinks this could also use some mandarin oranges… and maybe I could go orange segments, but probably my grapefruit would be too overpowering. I think this also needs nuts. I’m thinking cashews, but I only have almonds, walnuts, and pecans – and I don’t see buying a whole container of cashews just for 1 Tablespoon worth. But it needs a salty, doesn’t it? *Done – cashews were a tasty addition*

Sunday, June 29
take bagels to my parents
eat dinner at Legal’s (I think I’ll go to the wood-grilled wild salmon)
give mother – argh – I was just looking at something the morning and reminding myself to take it this weekend. Oh, and the heavy cream.
get from mother – books to repair, leftovers
return bras to Lane Bryant
stop by Whole Foods on way home (if still open) and see if they have more conditioner and 1lb of spring mix for a reasonable price

Monday, June 30
breakfast: bagel w/ roasted pepper cream cheese
make rice for baighan bartha, and put up portions for lunch.
dinner: quesadillas – use up portabella leftovers, some of the leeks, the last of the roasted bell peppers, and the last of the collard greens.

Tuesday, July 1
dentist appointment at 11am
therefore, have to do weight watchers meeting at 12:30, rather than 11:30
therefore, request medical time from work.
breakfast: mango from fruit truck
dinner: something with beets. And 1 potato (if it survives that long). Ooo… maybe I should put those in the soup. Are there any soup recipes with beets that are not borscht?

Wednesday, July 2
time for a dinner out

Thursday, July 3
dinner plans in

Friday, July 4

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