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food, lists, to do, lists, more lists

Food I Have
1 onion
dried tomatoes
2 apples
1 roasted sweet potato
tomatoes (red, green, and in between)
moldy carrots
roasted garlic
5 small-medium zucchini
brussel sprouts
apple cider
orange juice

Meat and the like
1 jar of vegetable stock
2 oz chicken breast, cut up
5 eggs
a whole bunch of stuff in the freezer (including freezer-tasting beef)

Only 3 creamers (pick up more from work)
lots of 6oz containers of yogurt
tail end of a sour cream container
cheese (cream, cheddar, smoked cheddar, sharp stuff from Milk’n’Honey)

Prepared food
pie crust
4-6 servings of butternut squash soup
green tomato salsa

Scheduling that
Monday, October 19
breakfast: kale and tomatoes cooked down with sour Thai curry paste – poached egg on top
12:30 go to work
dinner: soup – pretzels and cheesy dip made from carnitas, cheddar, cream cheese, and salsa
tasks: vacuum bedroom and kitchen
watch Criminal Minds

Tuesday, October 20
8:30-9:45 yoga
tasks: gardening – continue tying up the roma tomato plant and harvesting from it.
food prep – cut herbs and fill up jar of herbed mayonnaise
make roasted garlic and parsley cream cheese
breakfast – bacon, egg, and bagel
tasks: take lunches in to work
2:30 go to work
finish menu planning for Roman cooking workshop
claim missing issues of Economist, Newsweek, Time, and Jet
steal more creamers from work
7:15-8:15 belly dancing
dinner – chicken, last of the carrots, and a zucchini with some curry paste (start a new can) and rice noodles. Without coconut milk? (divide out a portion to freeze for lunch)
prep laundry
pull out a steak to thaw
put away any miscellany on the kitchen or bedroom tables
watch Criminal Minds

Wednesday, October 21
ETA: wake up before dawn and see if there is any of the Orionids meteor shower visible in the city
tasks: get laundry washed and hung on the line (without stepping in crap from the new neighbor’s dog)
breakfast: zucchini, pork, and tomato in scrambled eggs
watch Criminal Minds
buy produce from the truck (onions, lemons, limes, peeled garlic – anything else?)
11am Karate (yeah, probably not)
12:30 go to work
email PhilCon guests
research bus tours in Rome
dinner: beef, brussel sprouts, and onion stir fry
bring laundry in and put away
move pork roast from freezer -> fridge
watch Criminal Minds

Thursday, October 22
8:30am go to work (pack bag with yoga clothes, hip scarves, veil, towel, and water bottle)
9:30am go to free breakfast
bind more periodicals
sort the microfilm ILL slips
5:14 bus to yoga
6-7:30 yoga
8-9 belly dancing
dinner: soup, smoked cheddar on the last of the saltines, apple
clean bathroom
watch last of the Criminal Minds

Friday, October 23
8:30-9:30 pilates
10-11:30 yoga
wash out cat’s water bowl
buy groceries – peanut butter, dish soap, crackers, pasta sauce (anything else?)
12:30 go to work
9:05 bus home
have people over to watch Carnivale
dinner: soup
1am – drive out to West Chester

Saturday, October 24
9am – West Chester farmers market – exchange butter
go back home and go with parents to British pub for breakfast
Booth’s Corner
drive home
Any groceries still needed for Roman cooking workshop?
house clean?
Is there any Criminal Minds left unwatched? Supernatural? Merlin?
4-5:30 yoga
dinner: soup, carnitas quesadilla

Sunday, October 25
9:30 – put pork loin in water with bay leaves and start cooking on low/medium
10-11:30 yoga
11:45-12:45 pilates
1pm – make bed, tidy things
2pm Roman cooking workshop
6pm kick everybody out

Monday, October 26
6:45-7:45 yoga?
wash dishes
10-11:15 yoga
12:30 go to work