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Garden planning

Went out and measured the lot behind my apartment today. It’s roughly 100′ x 40′. I’m willing to sacrifice the front 20′ x 40′ to random maintenance vehicles parking.

When I was mostly through measuring, the neighbor guy across the way, who was also interested in gardening there, came out to help with the measurements and to talk about planning.

Monday morning, we’re going to have trashbags and start cleaning things out. Including the copious dogshit. He’ll try to talk to the block captain to see if more people want to help (or are exciting in the gardening process).

I totally claimed dibs on the sunniest area for tomatoes. In exchange, I allowed that there could maybe be a couple trees on the lot casting shade on my tomatoes.

The side without a fence will have a berm of hostas and lilies such as we can acquire for free. And I will try to figure out how to create a raised bed to discourage vehicles and people with dogs from getting into the gardening.

Next time I’m at Ikea, I shall purchase a holder for plastic grocery bags so that people can pick up after their dogs. He’ll call the local city people and see about getting a trashcan than people who are not us shall empty.

One thought on “Garden planning”

  1. If you are still looking for Hostas, let me know. I think that we can probably donate several from our yard.

    I am still looking! They would be most welcome.

    Thank you,

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