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Setting the bar low

So I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been having trouble finding time to post lately. And by lately, I mean an embarrassingly long time.

Then I read this open letter to food bloggers.

And I thought, you know – this not posting probably has an upside. I could offer things, and everyone could win.

So comment on this post letting me know what you can’t/won’t eat or colors you like and hate or something quirky about yourself (and then I’ll drop you an email for a mailing address – don’t put that on the publicly viewable side unless you really do that regularly), and I shall send you something I’ve made. It might be food. It might be paper arts. It might be a rock. It might be some random tea from my cupboard. Who knows? But everybody wins.

That’s the plan at least. I’m guessing that even if I spread this around a bit, there still won’t be more that 20 things to make and send. I’ll definitely do the first 20. If there’s more response, I’ll do my best.

ETA (15 Dec 2010): All packages have been sent out, but feel free to still stop by and leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Setting the bar low”

  1. Huh, I really should start following your blog more regularly.

    Anyways, not here for the prize (though I love rocks! er, feel free not to mail me one, though, the postal fees are a killer) but I do like your question.

    Beside anything I clearly know isn’t vegan, I think I’ll eat a lot of stuff, other than:
    * pickles — I love them, but my stomach revolts even at the thought of all that acid
    * anything that fell on the floor and can’t be or wasn’t washed well — 5 second rule my butt, that’s just nasty!
    * mushrooms picked by an amateur — I never had this served as a meal, but I’m preemptively saying nuh-uh to food poisoning
    * anything previously cooked that’s been left outside long enough to change its texture, or smell — ewww, srsly; also, doesn’t always digest well >.<
    * watermelon — I haven’t had a taste for them since I was a kid; for a while I was their greatest fan way back when, then whammo, they’re icky and what’s the point, anyway?

    In conclusion, there’d be a better chance of me eating a week old fried cheese sandwich off the floor than a slice of watermelon. Hope that’s quirky enough for you. ūüėČ

    I should write in it more regularly, too.

    Well, cooking the cheese is like sanitizing it, right? Especially if you’ve washed the cat hair off first.

    Besides, the shipping on a watermelon is much more prohibitive than the shipping on a rock.

    – Livia

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think I have it in me to be entertaining about my likes and dislikes. I like red and dislike chickpeas, for instance. Not terribly thrilling of a confession.

    And you are allergic to persimmons!

    I shall at least try to bring you something when I see you in April. Perhaps I shall send something earlier, too!

    – Livia

  3. I enjoy pickles, olives, things with cheese, bacon, unsweetened tea, long runs on the beach, tentacles, and my new Kindle.

    I don’t enjoy mayo, eggs, peanuts or their buttered brethren, things that are moderately sweet, things that are very sweet, things that are very, very sweet, or cats who run around the house at 3 am.

    Hm, I am also not very fond of the whole country right at this moment.

    Okay, so I have an awesome thing for you, but I’m not sure I can mail it to you – so you get a recipe.

    Almond and olive cream cheese spread

    2 packets of cream cheese of neufchatel
    1 eentsy tiny can of black olives – the very cheapest option will be random fragments, instead of pretty slices – that is perfect for this purpose
    Some green olives (as many as you’re willing to slice, but you get to eat the others while you’re at it. Pimentos are fine; plain is fine; stuffed with other things is not fine.
    1/4 to 1/2 cup slivered or sliced almonds

    Toast the almonds.

    Open the can. Open container of green olives and cut up into roughly matching pieces either as much as you have black olives or as many as you can be bothered to do.

    Mix all together.

    Eat now. Eat later. Eat on a bagel. Eat on a cracker. Take to a party and impress the hell out of people. Garnish with parsley, if you have feelings of inadequacy.

    I would so make this for you! In fact, if you’re game to risk it, I’ll totally mail you some in a priority envelope with a cold pack.

  4. I love quinoa and heirloom caprese salad. I love fall colors and puppies.

    Okay, fine, it’s my post you reposted and I am just saying thank you for thinking enough of it one way or the other to put it on your own blog.xox

  5. wow

    that lady is grumpy

    also, i won’t eat asparagus and i’m cultivating a love of yellow

    as for quirky … i might soon be spinning yarn for a needlepoint project

    Yeah, I end up a bit grumpy, too. It’s a little better losing contest on those blogs where they post a capture of the random number generator, but still. WHAH! Never win anything!

    I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

    – Livia

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