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Cream cheese and Coconut. Though not together. But that’s an idea

But where has all the cream cheese gone?
I am out of cream cheese. And almost out of cheddar cheese. But I refuse to pay more than $1 for 8oz of cream cheese or $2 for 8oz of cheddar cheese, and they haven’t been on sale lately.

I might go into withdrawal soon.


my tale of woe with the time change
So there I was Sunday morning, having a leisurely breakfast of bacon, mexican hot chocolate, and amazing fresh coconut (I’ll tell you about that soon), with a charming person who had spent the night, with plenty of time until my 11:20 massage appointment… when I remembered the time change.

We packed up quickly (with him leaving behind his grocery sack with fun ethnic yummies from my grocery store across the street) and barely made it across Broad Street and the surprise marching band parade (for St. Patrick’s Day, apparently) to get there 20 minutes late. Woecakes!

So they only docked my half the price of the session for not showing without notice (and the session was only $35, so not bad. That’ll just make the fee for the next one about on par for professional prices) and I rescheduled for the same time this next Sunday.


White Coconut

So a couple weeks ago, my grocery store started carrying white coconuts. I more or less ignored them because I figured they’d be just like the brown ones, which I tried doing once from scratch and it just wasn’t worth the trouble. Luckily, I was convinced to experiment this weekend. WOW!

So white coconut – apparently it’s softer and tastier and has more water inside. Once you pull out the meat with a fork, instead of having to gnaw on it for a bit, it was completely chewable and tasty without any processing. I’m going to get another one to take to my mother this coming weekend because it’ll be a dream to shred over cake.

Things I eat in strange ways

Nestle Signature Treasures – Creamy Caramel:
If you bite off the two ends, then you can suck out the caramel center with a *pop* and then eat the hollow chocolate repository.

Kit Kats:
So you snap off a single strip. Again, bite off the thick chocolate at the two narrow ends. Then, bite gently from the top, and you can lift off each crispy wafer individually and nibble on it one layer at a time.

So there’s the sexy way to eat bananas… and the straightfoward way… and then there is my way. y’see bananas come in (6) sections. If you break of a half or a third of the banana, you can persuade the sections to separate. It is almost impossible, however, to separate out an individual section, instead you have to eat them three by three or two by two by two.

To the best of my knowledge, every librarian has an anal retentive system for eating M&Ms, so this isn’t that strange… but I eat them in color order, in sets of twos (one for each side of my mouth)… if I have an odd number for a color, the last one gets bitten in half… dark brown, orange, yellow, red, blue, green. And I am all excited about the dark M&Ms.

Again, everyone has a routine for eating oreos… but I don’t know anyone outside my family who tries for a naked middle. Seriously. We were doing this back when we were three. You need to start with a double stuff, because the regular ones just don’t have enough middle to support the proceedure. Then… twist off one cookie. Eat it. Then you try to eat all the rest of the other cookie off of the stuffing until you have a naked middle — this is very difficult and requires much practice. Now you try it.