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food list of joy

[redacted] – you should tell me whether any of these meals pleases you, or whether there should also be random (KFC-type) food planned for Sunday!

food I have
green papaya (1/2)
roasted red pepper
cucumber and onion salad
lots of potatoes
1 perfect feeling avocado

1/2 chicken (dark meat only left)
leftover beef roast
duck stock
and I am going to buy a bottom round roast because they’re on sale

plain yogurt
half & half
cream cheese
sliced cheese nicked from reception at work

2 1/2 onion rolls
1-2 cups of leftover saffron basmati rice

Thursday, November 15
salmon will probably go off first, so I’ll have that tonight!
Maybe with mashed potatoes

breakfast – eel over rice
dinner – D&D munchies
(buy an apple and make more chicken/papaya curry (based vaguely on this recipe) to freeze with the basmati rice)

stuffing my face on free food?
quesadillas with avocado, red pepper, and any leftover seafood
(Make chili)
(boil stock and put in fresh container)

(buy sour cream)
(Make some kind of other soup to use up the stock?)

That leaves me with an unused roast of beef – the kind you need to make in thin slices… maybe stroganoff

Hot date

So I have occasional dates with a chef. It’s lovely.

And he brought gifts! I might have mentioned that I would occasionally like flowers, but this was better – he brought me salmon and eel and cucumber salad. That’s true romance.

Then he cooked the salmon for me (powdered garlic and ginger, 5 spice powder, ground nutmeg, and cracked brown mustard on the fish cooked in just a little olive and sesame oil, deglazed with rice vinegar and soy sauce, with sticky rice on the side), and we had some islay scotch to go with.

So usually I try to cook for him, instead of the other way around, because there’s less fun in doing for your down time what you do for work. But every now and then, it’s rather fun – and he’s generous about it.