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I have to quit deciding I am really hungry right *after* the half price food window at the restaurant I like.

Especially since I decided that the lunch/dinner I thawed for today isn’t worth eating. The green papaya curry that was charmingly crunchy is just this sodden chewy stuff after freezing and reheating. Also, the perfect saffron basmati rice broke into tiny bits not unlike couscous. And I do not like couscous.

food list of joy

[redacted] – you should tell me whether any of these meals pleases you, or whether there should also be random (KFC-type) food planned for Sunday!

food I have
green papaya (1/2)
roasted red pepper
cucumber and onion salad
lots of potatoes
1 perfect feeling avocado

1/2 chicken (dark meat only left)
leftover beef roast
duck stock
and I am going to buy a bottom round roast because they’re on sale

plain yogurt
half & half
cream cheese
sliced cheese nicked from reception at work

2 1/2 onion rolls
1-2 cups of leftover saffron basmati rice

Thursday, November 15
salmon will probably go off first, so I’ll have that tonight!
Maybe with mashed potatoes

breakfast – eel over rice
dinner – D&D munchies
(buy an apple and make more chicken/papaya curry (based vaguely on this recipe) to freeze with the basmati rice)

stuffing my face on free food?
quesadillas with avocado, red pepper, and any leftover seafood
(Make chili)
(boil stock and put in fresh container)

(buy sour cream)
(Make some kind of other soup to use up the stock?)

That leaves me with an unused roast of beef – the kind you need to make in thin slices… maybe stroganoff

Green papaya

I made an impulse purchase of a huge, beautiful green papaya, and now I am figuring out what to do with it.

Seriously, the thing is big enough for more than one meal.

I’m thinking 1/4 of it can go into soup.
This recipe is simple, but it’s the most promising one I’ve found so far.

Here is a Filipino recipe for Green Papaya Chicken (Tinolang Manok)

Here is an indian side dish. It says that I can make it without the dal and it’ll just end up looser, but if I make the rice drier, it should all balance out.

OOoooo… or I could make spring rolls! That’ll only happen if it lasts until the weekend and is vaguely ripe when I cut it open, but aside from the herbs and a cucumber, I have all the other ingredients.

I think I do not want to make a chutney or a cold salad-type dish.

But I am certainly open to other suggestions and links.