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Food flailing

I have food, but it’s not the food I want.

I had a cold last week, and my throat is still all kinds of raw as a result.

I want soup.

And yet I have a whole bunch of apples, two mangoes, a lot of sweet potatoes and sales this week on chicken leg quarters, london broil, and bolar roasts.

I could make a nice mango salsa and marinade and grill the chicken legs… only that’s not something I want to eat right now.

I have pork stock, which isn’t recommended as stock for soup but does make an excellent starter for red beans and rice. I should put some beans to soaking. Maybe I’ll want to eat that in three days, when it’ll be finished (soak beans overnight, cook beans, cook a second day).

I want spicy, sour thai soups.

I have a recipe for a sweet and sour red cabbage soup that will use two (maybe three) apples.

I have a duck carcass to turn into stock and then baby bok choi to put in the soup. But I’d need the pot I’d be using to make beans – so one or the other, but not both.

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