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food list – after bridge night

EEP! I have a lot of miscellany right now, so I might need to add to this randomly

1pt (+ a little) half&half
1qt 1% milk
sharp cheddar cheese
cream cheese
small bit of plain yogurt
larger bit raita
scallion cream cheese

Turkey deli meat cubes
a few scraps of deli meat ham
lots in freezer
cooked strips of bacon
Harry’s beef leftovers

Pita (mostly gone)
english muffins
bagels out the wazoo
pie crust in fridge

fried leeks
baby bok choy
bean tops (greens)
red leaf lettuce
shredded chinese cabbage/lettuce
habanero peppers
orange juice
coconut/pineapple juice – opened

a few mini samosas & indian spring rolls
asian dipping sauce

This week’s outlook

Monday, January 29
8-5:30 work
Dinner: cabbage, turkey bits, carrots, and flat noodles all stir fried together. Possibly, a bagel on the side. samosas and spring rolls!
Borrow friend’s cooler?
Do dishes
Vacuum apartment
remove tablecloth from work table, and put work back on it.

Tuesday, January 30
pack up all frozen leftovers and take to work – store in upstairs freezer
8-6 work

  • take rest of binders board home
  • look at new office space – do I need to take tea home? No 🙂
  • mending

Dinner: greens! Something with greens! Ummmm… greens cooked with garlic and oyster sauce and eaten in pitas?
Buy stuff for moot: chicken breasts

Wednesday, January 31
do dishes!
return those two books to library
8-6 work

  • return disaster recovery books
  • take home mythology and bookbinding books
  • take home contents of top drawer of filing cabinet>
  • take home tea?
  • periodicals

Dinner: whatever GeeksDoItBetter wants
Crafty night:

  • cut white paper for textblock
  • fold paper and put it in the press
  • fold grey paper
  • cut album pages to height
  • watch Firefly

Put chicken in fridge to thaw
Buy for moot: lettuce

Thursday, February 1
pack for moot before leaving work – possibly put outfits in individual bags, so the rest can stay in the car – pack the Vellux blanket
take box with handles to work
8-5:30 work

  • move content of filing drawer to new office
  • totally swap out rubber band bowl for a tin and take bowl home
  • party?
  • more mending
  • Periodicals

Needs to be in car for moot: my clothes; my laptop (plus E drive); things hopefully in a cooler (chicken thighs, chicken breast, lettuce, blue cheese dressing, extra pack of frozen mini samosas); blanket

Friday, February 2

Saturday, February 3

Sunday, February 4
leaving moot

Monday, February 5
9-5 new job OMG
Dinner: broccoli?

etc. etc.

Friday, February 9
9-5 new job – decide if I am trained enough for the evening shift

Saturday, February 10
take in dry cleaning
get suit jacket hemmed
3pm linner @ Cherry Hill Buca di Beppo

Sunday, February 11
go out to dinner for Peking Duck at Yang Ming – Woo!

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