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Okay, so I need finger food stuff.

Here’s my food list. In addition to that, assume I have most basic ingredients and some nifty condiments.

I am thinking that the corn bread muffins should be split in half and toasted. Then topped with fried leeks and something else. What is the something else? I could maybe buy ham and have a chunk of that on each, but that’s the best idea I’ve had so far.

I’ll probably just slice some garlic on the pita bread, drizzle it in oil, and toast it into pita chips. Should that have a dipping sauce? If so, what?

I have meatballs in my freezer. I could also pull them out and put them on skewers.

Additional suggestions from comments:

corn muffins + leeks + goat cheese

Spring roll wrappers filled with habaneros, cream cheese, goat cheese, then fried

Spring roll wrappers filled with cabbage, leeks, lemongrass, with or without chopped pork, and fried

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