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Green papaya

I made an impulse purchase of a huge, beautiful green papaya, and now I am figuring out what to do with it.

Seriously, the thing is big enough for more than one meal.

I’m thinking 1/4 of it can go into soup.
This recipe is simple, but it’s the most promising one I’ve found so far.

Here is a Filipino recipe for Green Papaya Chicken (Tinolang Manok)

Here is an indian side dish. It says that I can make it without the dal and it’ll just end up looser, but if I make the rice drier, it should all balance out.

OOoooo… or I could make spring rolls! That’ll only happen if it lasts until the weekend and is vaguely ripe when I cut it open, but aside from the herbs and a cucumber, I have all the other ingredients.

I think I do not want to make a chutney or a cold salad-type dish.

But I am certainly open to other suggestions and links.

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