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pondering my finances

Weight Watchers is coming to campus. They are having meetings every Tuesday – at a time (11:30am – 12:30pm) I can actually attend, even with my crazy work schedule. Starting November 13th. The initial sign up is less than half price, if you start either of the first two meetings, and then each week is $14 after that.

  • Can I afford it? Yes, but I could be putting that money toward credit card debt
  • I’ve done Weight Watchers before… and I thought it was one of the more sensible diets out there but
    • I wasn’t invested in being thin (beyond a certain weight, I started feeling cold and getting sick a little more frequently)
    • I got tired of obsessing over food quite that much
  • My household isn’t set up for it
    • I often pick up leftovers from my mother that aren’t going to be measured or made in a particular way
    • I guess I could still make large meals and save portions, but it’d call for a lot of tracking and calculating
    • there are, less with Weight Watchers than other programs, a lot of cheats to coming to the right amounts that require buying pre-packaged stuff (especially WW’s mysteriously light bread product), and I’ve been moving farther and farther away from artificial food products. It used to be that I couldn’t tell much difference between regular sour cream and diet sour cream – but now I can spot the carageenan and other texturizing agents right away, so I’d be doing more cutting things out than substituting ūüôĀ