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Man am I grumpy today.

I went to put the cover I bought to let the wicker couch I got for free survive the winter, and it didn’t quite fit. With the little wicker legs sticking out, there is a much greater chance of it (a)not surviving or (b)getting stolen. But I can’t bring myself to buy a chain for it because there’s nothing I can think of to chain it to that I am not willing to have damaged in an attempt to steal the couch.

However, while I was wrestling with the couch, I noticed that the last time the grass had been mowed, they had also mowed flat my blackberry brambles. It’s not like it wasn’t the fucking neighborhood drunk doing the mowing – and I know he knows that those are my fucking blackberries! If he thought he was pruning them for the winter, he could have just asked and I would have told him that they aren’t going to produce a single fucking blackberry until they can grow for *two* years. Fucker. And it’s not like he even bothered to mow down the *weeds* in the yard, either. If I’d noticed before that he’d done that, I wouldn’t have loaned his girlfriend (the former neighborhood cat lady) $5 this week.

Also, scheduling will not work for this weekend. Nothing. There are 15 things I could do, and none of them want to work work with the others. Also, I want a weekend off. Though it I have a weekend off, there are projects at home I need to work on that I have been very successfully procrastinating. And that’s not buddies a weekend off at all.