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Fondue for you?

So yesterday, someone mentioned that the Melting Pot, a chain restaurant specializing in fondue, was having a spring special and that there would be a $20 prixe fixe on March 20th.

I can neither confirm nor deny this special on the internet.

But – I did end up with a coupon for a free chocolate fondue should I purchase dinner for two or any four course feature… and I think I’ll need some help for that.

Where: 13th & Filbert

Of course both discounts wouldn’t apply, but either way I think it has been too long since I’ve had fondue.

Anyone interested in trying to schedule this?

ETA: I called the Philadelphia location, and they do not have a special for March 20th. They do have a Girls Night Out special on March 26th – $30 per person: cheese course, salad course, entree course (with tenderloin, chicken breast, something seafood, and ravioli), and a $5 wine and martini special. But that was it.

ETAA: The King of Prussia location also denies all knowledge of a spring special.

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