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food list

Food I have
beets w/ greens
3 small zucchini (hopefully still good)
1 larger zucchini
spring mix lettuce
2 limes
string beans (maybe still good)
grilled onions and other vegetables (from BBQ)
2 tomatoes
I want to buy some fruit


1 quart whole milk
1/2 quart 1% milk
1/2 pint heavy cream
opened pint sour cream
a lot of tzatziki sauce

beef roast (needs to be cut up into meal-sized portions, some frozen)
2 strips grilled beef (from BBQ)
1 cup fowl chili left
1/2 cooked chicken breast

What/when I shall eat
Friday, May 23rd
leaving work at 2pm
reheat last of soup.
set up to make more stock
wash dishes
start season 3 of Slings & Arrows
make a salad with the roasted onions and stuff and a third of the grilled beef.
Also, slice the beef roast into portions and freeze.
4pm – Hatha Yoga?

Saturday, May 24th
11am volunteer at Mazzoni Center (1201 Chestnut) to prep for trans health conference
lunch – salad with the 1/2 chicken? salad with roast beef and string beans?
4pm-6:30pm – West Philly Art Rising Showcase @ Studio34 – $5
quick dinner? (wee zucchinis?) Dahlak?
8-11pm – Music Showcase @ Studio34 – no fee mentioned

Sunday, May 25th
12:40 Massage – 7th & Market
Make soup
roast vegetables: beets, carrots, large zucchini (to east separately or put in soup)
*make pita chips

Monday, May 26th
9am – pilates
noon-5pm work
5-7pm – party at [redacted]’s – potluck? Maybe I’ll make pita chips* and take the rest of the tzatziki
7pm – yoga class (will probably skip)

Tuesday, May 27th
8:30 pilates?
if not, go to gym and work on arms
1-9 work
have I used the baby zucchini yet? If not, throw together any remaining meat and make a stir fry.

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