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Olive Oil pimping

So those of you who actually like the food posts (weirdos that you are) – have you ever wanted to try really fancy olive oil, but not wanted to pay for it?

There’s a company in Massachusetts, Alejandro and Martin, that is giving away a sampler box of their oils.

Each olive oil comes from a different region of the world, and they say that all are made by small olive oil producers: family farms and artisan cooperatives.

And it’s free! Well, aside from shipping, which for me was about $6.50

But this is their way of advertising their company, and it’s a wonderful way to explore something new.

The offer is here.

ETA: They have given away all 800 boxes they had to give.

ETA 10/29/08: So the company is defunct. Here are the pages from the way back machine – Alejandro & Martin main page

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