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My eyes!

So the library recently accepted two huge cookbook collections on donation, and this is a source of joy for me. Some of them are more fun to mock, however, than to actually use.

Case in point: James Beard’s Casserole Cookbook

The back cover says:

Remember — cooking casseroles is an ego trip. Broil a fine steak and people say, “What a good steak!” Whip up a scrumptious casserole and people say, “What a great cook!” And they are right.

But what is even better is that each recipe has a little blurb/quip to match it

  • Veal Roast in Casserole – tender and juicy
  • Calf’s Heart – something of interest
  • Pork Steak in Casserole – catch that aroma!
  • Veal Surprise – savory and flavory
  • Beef Casserole with Olives – exotic touch
  • Boeuf a l’Ail – for adventures
  • Tripes a la Nicoise – ever try tripe?
  • Quick Beefsteak Pie – after a steak
  • Corned Beef Hash in Casserole – real eye opener
  • Pork Chops with Sauerkraut – stag-night special
  • Braised Short Ribs with Mushrooms – educated ribs
  • Liver Loaf – good for everything
  • Browned Chicken Casserole – plenty of garnish
  • Chicken Goulash – for grand affairs
  • Chicken Hash Mornay – glamor added
  • Chicken Mexican – this will keep
  • Turkey-Olive Casserole – interesting combination
  • Roast Turkey Sesamine – really exotic
  • Lobster au Gratin – for royalty only
  • Broccoli Souffle – pretty special
  • Cream Succotash – for company
  • Plaza Succotash – rich potpourri
  • Stuffed Tomatoes – can’t go wrong
  • Savory Stuffed Tomatoes – anchovy added!
  • Baked Cauliflower – glamorized favorite

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