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this place in chinatown has all you can eat sushi… I think for $22, but I didn’t write that down.

According to the woman on the phone (who was busy and might be wrong), it is available Mon-Thurs 11:30am – 10:30pm and Fridays 11:30am – 11:30pm.

I work 1-9pm. So I could either go very early or very late – or on a day I am off.

Would anyone else be interested in:

  • Thursday, November 22 (Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, but I’ve only got the one day off, so I don’t have anything more elaborate planned)
  • Monday, December 24
  • Tuesday, December 25th (if they are open)
  • Thursday, December 27th

And, no, I have no idea how good the sushi is. I’ve never eaten there before, either.

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