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To do tomorrow morning

  • Breakfast (which do I want?
    • leftover biscuits toasted with honey butter or
    • toasted bagel with roasted red pepper cream cheese – and maybe Kenyan collard greens)
  • Clean cat’s water fountain before she kills me in my sleep
  • pare leather
  • Grocery store
    • cheap tissues for my desk at work
    • 2 pkgs ground turkey (3lb for $5.99)
    • canned beans (I think this week had the same brand on sale as my coupon – maybe that was last week)
    • chicken breast? (it’s on sale as cheap as it ever gets, but I still have some in by freezer.)
    • yellow onions
  • Make meatballs with the ground turkey, cook them, and then freeze them. If I get bored, make the rest into hamburger patties. Save out a pint or so for ma-po tofu.
  • Call my grandmother!

Oh! It’s not on the list, but I went to the gym this morning. If I can manage to get there on Friday, it’ll be almost like having a schedule.

Food I have
3 apples
lots of potatoes
collard greens
roasted red pepper
pickled kale
acorn squash
1/2 a purple onion on fridge
1 cucumber
some sliced cucumber in fridge (might not still be good)

leftover beef roast
chicken/duck stock
soft tofu

tzatziki sauce
honey butter
feta cheese
small bit of leftover shredded cheese
roasted red pepper cream cheese
1/2 pint heavy cream

1/2 honey wheat loaf made in bread machine – too dense to just eat plain
bits and ends of a semolina boule from Sunday
leftover biscuits

food I can make with that
beef sliced thinly with potatoes with garlic and onions.

breakfast on biscuits or bagels
dinner – sandwich? with turkey burger patty… cucumbers?… red pepper… mustard… maybe some grilled onion… tzatziki sauce?… can you just eat collard greens like lettuce?

free breakfast at faculty club
dinner – mashed potatoes (with the rest of tzatziki, some of the heavy cream, and the shredded cheese bits. And stock?) possibly with collard greens like colcannon

breakfast – either bagels or biscuits, whichever I didn’t have Thursday
dinner – roast squash – put half with pork in either a soup or a hash depending on the consistency. Have the other half for dessert.

Make soup for next week’s dinners

So there’s this SCA commons, but I have no idea whether there’s food or whether it’s pot luck or what. For that matter, I have no idea whether I want to go. It’ll probably depend on whether I offer anyone a ride.

If I don’t go, and if I bought chicken breasts, I’ll make Chicken Raft.

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